Cutting the Horses' Hair

Dr. Batista drove me out to the ranch on my first day in Brazil. As the pickup truck bounced over the rocks and dirt strewn across the road, he told me that when he has a problem wiith one of his heart patients, he likes to go out to the farm, plow the fields and work with his horses.

He says the mind is like an iceberg, with the conscious part like the 5% above water, and the unconscious part the 95% below water. The unconscious part, he says, is much more powerful, and to get it to work, all the conscious part has to do is ask it a question. As we drove to the farm, he told me that if you have a problem, all you have to do is ask a question, and in time your mind will search for a solution. "If there is no solution," he said matter-of-factly, "then you don't have a problem."

These are the first photos that I took of him in Brazil. He was cutting the horses hair. "When I cut," he told me, "I think of the heart, and if I notice the way I hold the clippers works well on the horses, I might use what I learn here on the heart."

Randas didn't like cutting the horses hair. "I pay my ranch hands to do this work," he said. "They are lazy, they don't trim the hair when they should. So I come here and cut the hair myself. I'm not good at this, and they hate the way that I trim hair because they can do it much better. So I will phone them before I come out here next time and tell them that I'm on my way. Maybe if I warn them ahead of time it will scare them into cutting the hair themselves before I arrive."

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